About Us

Poetry Crowds is aiming at to 

dispense the literature of Urdu.

 We are working to enhancing

 the Urdu poetry readership and

 serve those who like to read poetry. 

Poetry Crowds welcomes and entertains

 its readers with masterpieces of poetry.

 We are providing the elegant 

and alluring arts of poetic verses of 

Mirza Asadullah Khan Galib, Mir Taqi Mir,

 Faraz Ahmad Faraz, Khawaja Mir Dar,

 Khawaja Haider Ali Atish, Allama Iqbal,

 and many other renowned poets.

 I and my team are working 

their best to direct readers toward

 the most famous poetic verses.

Poetry Crowds is also describing 

the verses in the English language. 

Our website is providing you 

with poetry related to different categories.

 Love poetry, Sad Poetry, heartbroken poetry,

 emotional poetry, and many classical verses.

 Our national poet Allama Iqbal is one of

 the best motivational poets.

Our website also has the poetry of modern 

poets like Imran Nagar, Wasi Shah, etc. 

We aim to make our readers updated. 

Poetry Crowds is also providing services

 on Facebook, Instagram, and on 

other social media platforms. 

For more visit our homepage.


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